Journey is a multiplayer game about forming a connection with people in a non violent way as you experience metaphorical stages of life in a surreal desert world. Over the three years of it’s development at thatgamecompany, I was the Art Director and was responsible for much of the game’s design and visuals. I created the character and designed and built the levels. I also played a key role in developing the narrative, game world history/lore, and game design. I did all the concept art, texture painting, lighting, and color scripting. I designed the Journey logo and created all the marketing materials for the game, including the key art and the original trailer. Journey won more than 30 game of the year awards when it came out in 2012. It was featured in The Victoria & Albert Museum’s Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition in 2018. Journey was originally developed for the PS3 and has been since ported to PS4, PC, and iOS.

A behind the scenes look at Journey that includes interviews with the team and me, filmed near the end of development.

I gave a TEDx talk about the design of Journey and its impact on players in Bari, Italy.